How can I help you? 

Taking your business abroad is a real challenge. Make it easier and take a competent, qualified marketing consultant from your target market on board.

| READY market, customer and competitor analysis
| STEADY strategy and conception, planning, CRM
| GO advertising campaign
| INTERNATIONAL As a marketing consultant I specialize in projects in Germany and the Czech Republic.

How do I work? 

I only take on projects which are thematically close to me and an interesting professional challenge. Getting to know the field of my clients‘ business is an extremely important basis for my work. In order to meet my standards I only work with a small number of clients and I am looking for long-term and successful cooperations.


Then leave a message with a short description of your situation,  your objectives, and please let me know what you expect of me. I will get back to you shortly and we can discuss your project in more detail.

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